Online Dating

The Real Minions Working For Online Dating

Today, every aspect of our lives has turned digital, and so is dating. But the big question is, does online dating work?

Many singles have used dating apps to search for potential romantic partners. Some right swipes lead to true love, and some lead to dangerous situations. But most people end up in the middle with average candidates.

Before using dating apps, let us understand online dating in detail.

Working For Online Dating

Some Psychological Aspects of Online Dating:-

  • According to many researchers, men focus on physical attributes, and women prefer socially attractive traits. It might affect men looking for prospects in online datingpositions due to the higher emphasis on looks. Women take longer to choose their prospective mates as they find it more challenging to understand personality through basic conversations. It leads to the more complex phenomenon called ‘Ghosting’ from either party. It refers to an act of ignoring a person’s attempts at communication. Most online daters don’t emotionally invest in this process, so this becomes easier to cut out that person without any personal damage or risk of ruining your image.
  • Online dating also transforms its users into gamers because of all the chemical rush through their brains. Similar to games, online dating apps have become addictive due to the release of adrenaline and dopamine. It creates a similar feeling of winning or getting high. Many feel addicted to the process, i.e. finding the right match, which can be short-lived, and the after-effects can lead to depression or isolation.
  • The only upside online dating brings is the increase in diverse relationships. Internet dating provides a platform to integrate many diverse communities which produce interracial, diversified couples. It creates exposure for peripheral communities, especially LGBTQ+ allies.

Understandings of Algorithms

Dating apps have changed the way relationships work. Nowadays, many people also maintain long-distance relationships because of advanced technologies. But how did the algorithm find your perfect match?  It is all thanks to the minion algorithms that bring users, relevant candidates. Every app uses similar algorithms that help users set up a catalogue of prospects. Various personal data determinants like location, age, preference, interests, languages, and religion are helpful apps to work their magic. Algorithms also work through user interactions for more accurate results.

So your perfect match has to pass through these algorithms to reach your profile which is as hard as traditional matchmaking.

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